Radhouan Ben Amara 

The Desert in Travel Writing

Anno: 2005

Collana: Agorà [26]

Formato: 15,5x21 cm

ISBN: 88-86799-85-3



Pagine: 192

Prezzo: € 25,00

Argomento: Letteratura

Il libro:
This book on the Desert in Travel Writing is masterful and compelling. It explores the topic in a comprehensive and commanding manner. Radhouan Ben Amara thoroughly investigates the different metaphors used to describe the desert in Western and Eastern literatures as well as how such metaphors have come to play an important role in contemporary literary and cultural criticism. This essay represents one of the best dissertations I have ever read in the general area of literature. Ben Amara has made the research of a difficult subject appear easy and effortless. This is a credit to his refined scholarship.                                              
(Dennis Stiles, Washington University, USA)

Radhouan Ben Amara, has a Ph.D in Comparative Literature from Washington University in the United States. He teaches English and translation at the University of Cagliari in Italy. He Has published numerous essays and books in the general area of comparative literature, English and French literature, translation theory and North African literature.

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